About the Artist

Making art is a gut instinct response to how Molly Rousey channels her visions. Since 1994, she has created whimsical painted furniture, murals, and ceramics, as well as custom designs for businesses and individuals alike. She also independently produced a 7 year series of desktop calendars, all while raising four children.
Her need to create expands into gardening, where the peaceful setting of the countryside feeds her inspiration. Angels have long been a focal point of Molly's watercolor drawings. Always depicting a colorful balance of seasonal flora and fauna patterns, a personal reflection of her love for the outdoors and mother nature's bounty.
Molly began painting again, after a 12 year break, focusing on abstract forms of emotion and interpretations of primordial life. Her creative reflex allows one of a kind images to take form through various mediums. Found and re-purposed objects often inspire subject matter and recycled lumber is typically a surface to paint on.
If you are interested in purchasing art or have questions, please contact Molly at rouseymolly@gmail.com.

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